Quality Service

With the ACE Network we provide virtually uninterrupted access to your information through redundant layout of our network

The architecture of DWDM and SDH solution helps restore critical business applications within milliscond of a disruption. If a failure occurs our equipments swithches data triffic to a second path, helping to keep application running

We provide:

  • Delicated point to point (p2p) services via our 10Gb Submarine Network
  • Link Protection
  • Circuit Restoration
  • 24x7 PM Monitoring

    Link Capacity

  • STM1
  • STM4
  • STM16
  • STM64
  • DS3

Resourceful Engineers

At CCL, you will get the Protection of 24x7 monitoring and rapid issue resolution by our train and dedicated engineers to help ensure that your network performs at an optimum level